Mr. Knight has been consulting, designing, problem-solving and installing graphics that are typically both unusual and complex in nature. Paul has 30 years experience in a broad array of markets, in OEM printed products, corporate branding, sourcing domestic and offshore graphic solutions, environmental graphics, and code compliant wayfinding. 

As Project Manager as well as Client Manager of interior and exterior signage and OEM Graphics, he works effectively alongside, corporate franchisors, real estate trusts, property management companies, designers, architects, engineers and construction management firms. He is proficient in code compliance and regulation issues across multiple platforms in the design, manufacturing and installation of environmental graphics.

Paul brings to his clients a solution that serves the stakeholders needs first. Having represented manufacturers who specialize only in a specific field, he recognizes that having a graphics solutions partner who is non biased, can be far more advantageous for the stakeholder.


Mr. Downey got his start in the graphics industry as a cost estimator and analyst, becoming Plant Manager of print production. Brian embraced the role as Sr. VP of Operations for a well know and influential screen printing firm in Los Angeles. There he developed more complex skills in JIT scheduling, production controls, strategic sourcing, and complex problem solving.  Encouraged to move to the client side, Brian dealt with every segment of growth from the startup entrepreneur off the street to Fortune 500 corporate accounts that included the likes of American Express, Mastercard, Visa and Discover Card. Brian was also able to explain the advantages of designing print products with production efficiencies in mind to help customers save costs, and maximize their print expense. A wide variety of print methods have been covered from the most complex of lab tested printed items, to the single-use throw away promotional items. Brian has overseen the production, specifications and sales of these items.

Having traveled extensively, Brian has also engaged and benefited from the relationships of overseas production facilities to help expand client’s product lines. 

His last 13 years of corporate sales has been in the architectural and environmental signage world which brought him a full understanding of corporate brand requirements, as well as building codes, and ADAAG requirements. This corporate sales experience coupled with in-field experience of hands on problem solving and installation, has grounded Brian’s “production knowledge” and “in the field” perspectives. He has a clear view of the pragmatic on-site needs, and the all-important branding requirements. This complete work of print knowledge will help you make the most of your print programs!